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Ever sinse I have been to ThE Amazing World of Gumball Wiki I`ve knew there was no Gumball and Darwen pages. So.... I made one

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Th!$ Week$ ep!$ode of The @mazing World of Gumb@ll !$ The W@nd w!tch !$ @bout Gumb@ll and D@rwen f!nding a f@ke w@nd in a cer!@l box @nd r!cherd (@K@ the Dumb Bunny) th!nk$ !t$ re@l so Gumb@ll @nd D@rwen dont w@nt to let h!m down so every w!sh R!cherd makes gumb@ll and d@rwen do it like R!cherd w!shed th@t !t w!ll be X-M@s every d@y so Gumb@ll @nd D@rwen c@me down the ch!mney, @nd gumb@ll was dressed !n @ elf costume throw!ng gl!tter @nd D@rwen was Dressed in @ S@nt@ costume.

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